Vacationing in Orlando with Kids. Try an Orlando Villa

Orlando, Florida is a wonderful place to vacation, especially if it is a family trip. The Orlando area has all of the famous theme parks and attractions that will entertain the little ones from sunup to sundown. After the decision has been made to take the family to Orlando for a vacation, the next step is deciding where to stay in the city. Orlando villa rentals are the perfect answer when looking to find a spot that will not only be accommodating but economical as well. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why renting a Florida villa in Orlando is the best bet for families with children.

Spaciousness of the Accommodations

If you are traveling solo to Orlando, perhaps a hotel room would be more applicable because you don’t need much space if you are alone. However, when traveling with families, Orlando vacation home rentals are the perfect way to ensure there will be plenty of room for all. Children especially need the room to run and play without having to worry about annoying other guests with screams, horseplay and of course, the occasional temper tantrum. Also, one doesn’t want to have to restrain their little ones on this exciting Orlando vacation as the trip is really for making the young ones happy as can be. By staying at a rental home in Orlando, the parents can feel more relaxed knowing that they aren’t cooped up in a cramped hotel room constantly wondering if they are being too noisy for the rest of the hotel guests. Not to mention the extra room! Sometimes it is nice not to have to be on your best behavior and to simply enjoy your vacation.

Private Pool

Children of all ages love swimming pools and the fact that most Florida villas for rent in Orlando have these private pools on their properties will delight and occupy children to no end. The children will be able to play happily in the pool without having to be told to settle down all the time. The existence of a private pool on the property also helps out the parents as well. By having a smaller pool which their kids can swim in, the parents do not have to constantly search to find their little ones in a sea of other people’s children. This makes it easier for the parents to watch their kids and make sure that safety is a main consideration.

Children Can Have Their Own Rooms

When a family rents an Orlando villa for their trip to visit Walt Disney World, Epcot and other parks, most likely each child will be able to have their own room while staying at the Florida villa. Not only does this provide a spacious spot to keep each child’s individual belongings but it also makes the child feel like they have their own place where they can go to be alone and read a book or play. This also makes a world of difference when it is time to go to bed as children that stay in the same room together are often up late talking and playing. Lack of sleep makes for a cranky child the next day and a cranky child makes for a cranky parent, and then nobody can enjoy the vacation.

Washing Machine and Dryer

Potential Orlando vacationers who have small children will surely understand the advantage to having a washer and dryer at their disposal any time of the day or night in their Orlando rental. With children, frequent dirty clothes are inevitable and sometimes is seems like the washing machine and dryer is constantly going. And when on vacation, you probably have even more dirty clothes. By having a washing machine and dryer right in your rented Orlando vacation home, one does not have to waste time by doing a 2 or 3 hour stint at the local laundromat. This leaves more time for fun for the whole family. For the simple reason of a washer and dryer you should choose to stay in Orlando villas as opposed to a hotel room.

Outdoor Recreation

Families with children know just how important outdoor recreation is. Fun sports like whiffle ball, Frisbee, and playing catch are activities that make a child’s day. As one can only spend so much time and money visiting the theme parks, there will often be times on vacation when the kids just want to go outside and play. When staying at a hotel, there are certain rules against ball playing and other sport-related activities on the hotel property in order to protect the other guests from being hit by flying balls, etc. By staying in a rented Florida villa, the kids will be able to play in the backyard freely and not have to worry about the hotel staff yelling at them for roughhousing.

Kitchen Amenities

Having a kitchen in your rented accommodations is another wonderful benefit to renting an Orlando villa. If the family has to eat out for every meal, this can become quite costly, especially if it is a large family with many children. By having kitchen amenities available, the family can choose to cook a certain number of meals at home thereby allowing for extra money to be spent on more entertaining activities or souvenirs.

Children’s Games and Videos

Many Florida vacation rentals you will find may have games and videos already in the home for the purpose of keeping the little ones and adults entertained. The variety of games range from board games to Disney videos and perhaps even PlayStation 2 games depending on the Florida vacation villa. These are great ways not only to entertain the kids but to have a little family bonding time as well. Then, when the kids go to sleep the parents can enjoy a DVD or video as well.

Traveling with children is often hectic and challenging, but it will provide wonderful memories in the long run. By renting an Orlando villa, the family will have access to some if not all of the previously mentioned items which will help to make the vacation even that more spectacular and enjoyable. If you are planning a Florida vacation, then take advantage of Florida vacation rentals and really enjoy your time off.